4th Dec ’18 17:38 45 Floors off the ground

The incredible night view from the Tokyo Government North Tower

45 floors up seemed a good a place as any for an update! After a morning of travelling and introductions, an afternoon for exploring. The Tokyo Government Building (2 extensive architectural behemoths in the Shinjuku skyline) has a free to access observatory. It’s pretty amazing. I tried a shrine and “peaceful park” after leaving the hospital. Closed today. It’s on Saturday’s list now.

So the hospital itself – The National Centre for Child Health and Development, sits around 40 minutes outside Tokyo. Well an hour and a half with a bulky case vs subway system (Ouch – seems folk were right about luggage forwarding). The hospital site and clinical building is less sprawling than I imagined. My room in the residences is the opposite! I could yoga a plenty in there. The hospital building has an airy atrium, the neonatal unit on the 4th floor. Exceptionally clean (wholly unsurprisingly). I’ve only met the dimly lit serene central corridor today and a brief intro to the staff. Though their English is actually very good, they don’t seem to much like to show it off!

National Centre for Child Health and Development; Toyko

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